Children Policy


Children Policy

We kindly ask that you please do not bring children to our bridal salon!

We highly advise against bringing children to our bridal salon. Choosing a wedding gown will be one of the most important decisions our brides make for their wedding day. Bridal Salons are boring and not play grounds for children. This will most likely result in the children being a source of distraction.

Finding the prefect wedding gown is no split second decision, and towing along children will only serve to distract you and other bride-to-be’s from the ultimate goal to find the prefect wedding gown.

Crying or unattended children will agitate other brides as they search for their prefect wedding gown. On top of that, bridal salon can be a dangerous place for children due to loose clips or pin and other hazards.

For these reasons it is highly recommended that you find childcare for your children before attending your appointment so that you will be able to make the most our of your time with us today.